What Is Narcotics Anonymous support-groups

How Narcotics Anonymous Came About

Narcotics Anonymous was created on the model of Alcoholics Anonymous, which is the oldest and most popular support group for addicts in the UK. The success of alcoholics anonymous is what prompted the creation of Narcotics Anonymous. NA provides the support needed by people who are looking forward to recovering or making an attempt to recover from an addiction of drugs other than just alcohol. A desire to overcome an addiction is the only requirement to become a member of NA. Groups of NA do not make a distinction between drugs of any kind, including alcohol. NA recognizes that people do get addicted to multiple drugs at once. Any addict who is looking forward to recovering is welcome to join the group.

Although it is currently found in 129 countries, the original NA started in 1953 in Los Angeles.

What Happens In An Na Meeting

The first time doing anything is always unsettling, but be encouraged, everyone you'll meet at an NA meeting has been or is where you are right now. It is a community where the members look to help each other overcome the different forms of addiction.

NA groups will always try to provide a welcoming environment in which no one will judge you.

A person may be called to talk to all the addicts or they can discuss among themselves.

People will be sharing their life stories and challenges that they encounter while recovering in the discussion meetings. The speaker sessions involve one person sharing their experience with the whole group. While bearing in mind the time constraints, people will be free to share as much as they'd like during the discussion meetings. Though a new member is encouraged to participate in the to, they are not obliged to take part. The members are allowed to talk to each other during breaks and after the meetings but during discussions, only the person sharing is allowed to speak and people can only share their experiences and don't comment on others'.

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Spirituality In Narcotics Anonymous

NA meetings though spiritual are not based on a particular religion. It refers to a higher power but no definition is given, because this notion can be understood differently by everyone. There are references to God during the meetings and in some cases a prayer is made at the end of the meeting. Some people though, will replace God with "Good orderly direction" or "higher power". The aspect of higher power is just to set as a guiding morality and strength and is not dependent on any religion.

First Meeting Terms You Need To Know In the "Intro to NA", you will come across some of the terms listed below that are often used in the meetings

  • Addict
  • There term refers to us the members for we recognize the use of a certain drug is not the problem but the addiction itself.
  • Basic Text
  • The book titled Narcotics Anonymous where the core ideas of NA are written and explained.
  • Group
  • Members who are holding one or more NA meetings scheduled regularly are identified as a group.
  • Higher Power
  • A mighty loving force that helps a member stay clean, be committed and seek recovery.
  • IPs
  • Information pamphlets about NA.
  • Newcomers
  • New members of NA; those who just joined a NA group.
  • Relapse
  • A brief or long-lasting return to taking drugs due to a certain lapse in recovery.
  • Sharing
  • Opening up on your condition to the other members.
  • Sponsor
  • These are members who are able to guide others through the recovery steps based on their own experiences.
  • Trusted servants
  • Members who have service positions in NA.

Closed Vs Open Gatherings

The differences between the meetings of Narcotics Anonymous & Alcoholics Anonymous are similar and can either be "open" or "closed." Family members and friends are allowed to attend the "Open" meetings. Only recovering drug users can attend the closed meetings.

You decide which kind of group you want to be involved with. Recommendations are also made to ascertain several different groups and meetings until you are able to find one, which can suit your needs, schedule and personality.

The 12 Stages

Although originally used in the AA, the 12 steps are also utilized by NA to guide its meetings. There is only one difference between these programs in NA terminology a broader term "addiction" is used instead of "alcoholism" because NA doesn't draw a distinction between addictions to different substances. You can get more information on the 12 Steps here.

Strength And Responsibility In Numbers

The community is one of the most powerful aspects of NA. New addicts that have just joined NA are assured to get the help they need since the groups already have members that are already recovering.

New members always search for sponsors after they have developed a trust with the group. A sponsor is an individual who is already established in NA and can also act as a mentor because he or she is well-versed with the 12 steps. It is advisable to select a sponsor who also has a sponsor himself, which results in multiple-layered accountability.

Finding A Na Group

If you're trying to get on the path to recovery and planning to stay there, it's a good idea to find an NA group. You will have no difficulties in making a choice from the many options suitable for your needs and lifestyle from one of the 61,000 meetings, which are held every week throughout the world. We are ready to assist you join one of the groups and start your recovery journey call 0800 772 3971.