Speed Addiction and Abuse in Worcestershire Worcestershire

Defining Speed In Worcestershire

Speed refers to amphetamine sulphate drug in Class B in the street. At times speed is used to refer to other kinds of amphetamines.

Many people take speed to have high energy, enhance alertness and go many hours without sleep this is obtained by the stimulating properties of speed.

Other important consequences and dangers of using speed are

  • Excitement, feeling high and talkative.
  • Among the reasons why people prefer to use speed is its ability to give them an extra boost of energy they need for extended physical activities.
  • Using speed has the potential to make people overactive, anxious or have acute hallucinations.
  • After the high, a long gradual comedown results that can lead to feelings of depression and irritability.
  • This drug adversely affects the heart of the user where in some cases it results in death.

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The Effects Of Speed In Worcestershire

Speed heightens the emotions of users, makes them vigilant and full of vigour, on the other hand, it can make people nervous and violent.

It can also have other consequences

  • Speed causes over wakefulness, electrifies people and make them gossipy.
  • Those who like to party for long hours find the energy they need for speed.
  • Loss of appetite (this sometimes find its way to diet pills due to this effect).
  • Some people become testy, fearful and even delusional when taking speed.

Speed Related Risks Thanks To Drug Abuse Worcestershire

The resounding answer to this question is yes!

These are the effects it could have on you

  • It can be hard for you to relax or sleep, depending on the quantity you used.
  • The comedown can lead users to feeling really unenergetic and down and persists for a couple of days and could possibly cause concentration and learning difficulties.
  • Speed exerts pressure on the heart, and therefore contraindicated for those with hypertension or any cardiac related condition; it has resulted in deaths of many due to high dosage.
  • Combining speed with anti-depressants or alcohol has been generally accepted to be deadly.
  • Speed is also known to mess up your immunity that it would make you more prone to contract diseases and even developmental issues such as psychosis.
  • The introduction of speed via intravenous method is also notoriously risky.
  • Overdose occurs quickly with infusions.
  • Given that this is not actually the cleanest form of amphetamine (in contrast to ice), you are risking the chance of getting other substances in every dose.
  • Veins and arteries could be damaged due to injection and can lead to ulcers as well as gangrene (refers to when some body parts and bits begin to die)
  • Other contagious diseases (hepatitis and HIV) are being spread when using speed via the sharing of infected needles.