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Painkiller Addiction Explained

Prescription pain-relieving medications called painkillers are the most addictive drugs used in the UK. A huge number of medicines for painkillers are prescribed across the country causing danger of addiction to numerous clients who are on their endorsed dosage.

After a user's prescribed dose, painkiller addiction can begin. In the United States of America, painkillers are some of the drugs that get prescribed most frequently and lead to the highest level of addiction as dependency develops rapidly and they have the potential to give a feeling of euphoria. Get a remedial centre which suits you perfectly by phoning 0800 772 3971 today.

it is an addiction when there is a dependency both physically and mentally. If the user uses pain relievers for an extended time, he/she can develop a physical addiction.

There are two signs of physical dependency to the drugs; the body develops tolerance to the drugs and withdrawal symptoms will appear without drugs. The mental fixation means that users will keep using painkillers even though they cause adverse results.

Data On Analgesic Dependence

The prevalence of relying on recommended analgesics use is overwhelmingly high.

The statistics result of painkiller abuse is very concerning. Based on the data by National Institute on Drug Abuse, here is some facts of painkiller abuse

If you got addicted to painkillers, don't surrender oneself to despair - the help is nearby. With a strong resolve, one can get over an addiction to analgesics and other related substances.

Normally Addictive Painkillers

  • Codeine belongs to opiates but is less potent than other ones; easily available with a prescription, codeine is used for relieving cough and pain, from mild to moderate.
  • Codeine is often abused among people in their teens or early twenties and is many times mixed with a sugary drink to make sizzurp or purple drank.
  • Codeine can lead users on to more dangerous or addictive drugs.
  • Darvocet/ Darvon - This is a drug formulated using propoxyphene as the active ingredient, a lot of people died from the use of this drug and many others critically in hospitals though the drug has recently been prohibited by the FDA.
  • These highly addictive medications, as well as other similar ones, may still remain in illegal use.
  • Demerol An opiate used to treat mild to serious pain. But Demerol is not recommended by doctors these days because of its high addictive nature
  • The active ingredient of Demerol is called meperidine; its effect is euphoric, similar to that of morphine.
  • Dilaudid Dilaudid is also known as "hospital grade heroin" because it is a very strong painkiller.
  • Administered in prolonged-release tablets, is very dangerous, especially for those who has no tolerance to opioids - in such a case abuse of Dilaudid can result in breathing troubles or even cause death.
  • Fentanyl this is another intense painkiller, as it gives a very strong effect, as strong as morphine. The drug itself is only and only prescribed to treat severe pain and to the patient with opioids tolerance.
  • if utilized along with different painkillers including heroin, fentanyl can rapidly prompt to overdose and result in various risky symptoms.
  • Hydrocodone it is the main active ingredients in many strong painkillers, such as Vicodin and Norco.
  • The Food and Drug Administration has given the go-ahead to clean hydrocodone medications, but it is also commonly mixed with ibuprofen or acetaminophen.
  • All of them are addictive indeed.
  • Methadone A prescription drug belonging to opioid group, methadone is used to relieve moderate to severe pain, as well as to mitigate craving for other opiate narcotics, including heroin, in addicts.
  • Despite being used to treat opiate addicts, methadone itself is an addictive drug.
  • Morphine - This very powerful opiate has been praised as a blessing for patients who have to endure serious chronic pain.
  • Individuals who use morphine are likely to become dependent on it and besides it is the cause of so many drug related deaths.
  • Oxycodone - It is sold under trade names like Percocet and OxyContin and is one of the most addictive prescribed painkillers.
  • It's highly recommended drug by doctors to curb pain and has a high potential for manhandle.

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Discovering Treatment For Painkiller Addiction

Painkiller addiction is very dangerous and destructive. Not only that, it cost a fortune to keep it going because the drugs is expensive to get. There are experienced and qualified hands that could help one get over a dependence on analgesics with the number equalling those suffering from this form of addiction. Getting help from a treatment centre will increase the rate of recovery success significantly. It is highly recommended to get help from one of the treatment centres to help you become clean. Lots of rehabilitation centres with highly qualified addiction counsellors and effective, well-proven treatment programs are available to you. To assist you to locate the ideal remedial centre for you in getting your life back on track, all we will require is your area of residence, budget and any other specific request you might have in mind.