Oxycodone Addiction and Abuse in Worcestershire Worcestershire

Addiction And Abuse Of Oxycodone

Oxycodone, a strong painkiller, comes in numerous structures and is a standout amongst the most addictive medications accessible by prescription.

A very powerful pain reliever, Oxycodone features at the top of the list of most commonly abused prescription drugs. Oxycodone is an intense drug and mostly used to relieve a severe pain for people who suffer high amount of pain or are in concerning health condition. This is the reason why addiction to this particular drug can grow very rapidly.

It could save a person's life when you realize that they have an Oxycodone abuse problem.

Many Oxycodone addicts started by taking the drug as prescribed. Inevitably, the body develops tolerance to drugs, so they need higher amount of the drug to get the same effects.

The move from use to misuse and to addiction can be a snappy and perilous way. Not just is it a costly and crippling habit, overdose from Oxycodone is an undeniable - and conceivably deadly- probability.

The Declination Into Oxycodone Dependency

Occasional Usage

  • Taking more Oxycodone than recommended
  • Taking Oxycodone at social gatherings
  • Searching for Oxycodone for alleviation on awful days
  • Experiencing strong relaxation and happiness when under its effect


  • Desiring Oxycodone to deal with everyday troubles
  • Requiring more Oxycodone to accomplish a high
  • Feeling sleepy or even falling asleep in public
  • Feeling ashamed and not revealing the abuse of the drug


  • Making Oxycodone more important than rest of the things in your life
  • Being reckless and putting everyone, including yourself in danger
  • Having financial problems because of Oxycodone use
  • Letting your health as well as personal relationships suffer

Oxycodone addicts should complete a medical detox and enrol into a comprehensive rehab program to ensure there's no relapse. You can call us to get help in finding the right treatment for you.

What Is Oxycodone And The Brands

A number one ingredient in a lot of prescribed painkillers is a potent substance Oxycodone that helps users who experience mild to extreme pain. Shapes, sizes and colours vary in regard to the dose and brand of these painkillers. Some of the most used painkillers with Oxycodone as the main ingredient are If you or somebody you know is battling with Oxycodone dependence, don't hold up any more to get assistance. Call us on 0800 772 3971 to help beat your addiction.


Among prescription drugs, Oxycontin is abused more often than most others. It offers chronic pain help for half a day thanks to its controlled-release formula. A lot of users dissolve the tablets in a liquid in order to inject it, or they squash them and then snort Oxycontin in order to overcome the time-release effect. In this manner, all of the effect of Oxycontin is felt immediately.


The mix between Oxycodone and Acetaminophen (the primary ingredient in Tylenol) is called Percocet. It is normally recognized for various conditions with pain running from gentle to serious. The most common way to abuse Percocet, much like Oxycontin, is to snort it. Some people may also inject the drug, chew it, use it even after the prescription period or use more of the drug than was prescribed and all this constitutes abuse.


Roxicodone is a rapid release formula of Oxycodone. Roxicodone is used for patient who is about to have a surgery to calm them or put them to sleep. This drug effect comes very fast. It is abused to get a very quick high effect. Individuals who manhandle Roxicodone frequently smash or soften down the tablets to be smoked or infused.

Brand or trade names for Oxycodone drugs incorporate oxy, OC's, Oxycet, Oxycontin, hillbilly Heroin, executioners, percs and roxi's.

Individuals recommended an Oxycodone-based painkiller might experience the ill effects of tumour or joint inflammation or they may get a fleeting medicine after surgery or injury. Oxycodone prescription forms are written out to provide 24-7 relieve.

Oxycodone contains modified thebaine which is an organic chemical in opium. Assigned as an opioid, or semi-engineered sedative, Oxycodone offers a general arrangement with Heroin, Morphine and Codeine. Oxycodone is delegated a Schedule II sedate under the Controlled Substances Act. This implies in spite of the fact that it has a distinct therapeutic reason, there is a high potential for abuse. Taking more than the permitted dosage, taking the medication for longer than prescribed by a specialist, biting the pills, and pulverizing then infusing or grunting Oxycodone are altogether considered abuse of the medication.

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Effects Of Abusing Oxycodone

Oxycodone abuse is characterized as taking the medication without prescription or taking more than allowed. The euphoric effect of the drug is one of the reasons why it is abused. As an opioid, Oxycodone belongings are strikingly like Heroin.

With roughly 32 million medicines written in 2011 for Percocet alone, the wide utilize and acknowledgment of Oxycodone is clear. Many users, over time, become tolerant to it, whereas some are not aware of the health risks associated with its abuse.

A person who uses Oxycodone may experience

  • Joyfulness
  • Lowered anxiety
  • Self assured
  • Unwinding

Recognizing or tackling abuse of Oxycodone is not easy because as a society we accept use of prescription-based pain relieving medications. Particularly in the instances of legitimate prescriptions, it can be difficult to differentiate between an adequate dose and abuse. It's only when the drug starts to have serious negative effects on a person that the problem may become obvious.

Combining Oxycodone And Other Drugs

One of the most hazardous substances to mix with Oxycodone is alcohol. Death can easily come about when a person mixes Oxycodone with alcohol because they both cause depression of the central nervous system. This combination will slow down the breathing, and it may even push it down to the fatal level. This mix can lead to irreparable harm to the brain and major organs even if it doesn't lead to overdose.

Users dependent on Oxycodone are usually also abusing stimulants, Benzodiazepines and Marijuana. Oxycodone effects can be either increased or diminished by the usage of these substances.

In some cases, Oxycodone abuse can lead to Heroin use. Heroin is a cheaper drug and is more readily accessible and a person may turn to it if they can no longer get their hands on Oxycodone.

Oxycodone Misuse Figures

Though the risks of the medication, numerous individuals still manhandle Oxycodone and regularly utilize it with liquor.