Ketamine Addiction and Abuse in Worcestershire Worcestershire

Addicts And Abusers Of Ketamine

Habit Of Using Ketamine

Ketamine causes hallucinations and is a common party drug which young adults abuse. Occasionally, Ketamine is given to animals as well as humans to tranquilize them.

Because of the dependency or habit of using these drugs, people totally become segregated from their environment and they become unable to live a typical life.

They become cognitively handicapped at this tender stage with both memory and speech affected.

Look out for signs of Ketamine addiction such as

It is hard to overcome Ketamine addiction without help from an expert. The chemical variations in the brain render it almost impossible to stop no matter how much one may want to end the habit.

  • Taking more and more
  • Over eagerness to use again
  • Spend large sums of money
  • Forgetting obligations
  • Needing greater quantities of Ketamine
  • Not caring for family and friends

For a person to recover from Ketamine addiction, it is important that they seek the help of a health professional. It is much easier to start the psychological recovery process after treatment has been used to undo some of the changes to the brain chemistry.

Begin To Understand Ketamine

Ketamine, otherwise known as Kit Kat, Special K, cat Valium, Vitamin K or Dorothy - is an abused animal anaesthetic, normally used as a recreational substance in clubs. It is mainly used by younger generations at the club and bar areas.

Ketamine belongs to the category of schedule III drugs, the same class of the drug to which Anabolic steroids and Codeine belong.

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Psychological dependence is very common with this kind of controlled substance although physical dependence may also occur.

With time, consumers need to get higher doses of the drug to achieve the initial hit as its recreational effect is fast and short which makes people develop resistance to Ketamine quickly.

Using Ketamine without a doctor's prescription is illegal.

Pills, white powder or liquid solutions are presentations Ketamine can be found in and it can be consumed, snorted or intravenously. It is notorious for its use as a predator drug as it has no smell or colour, is impossible to notice it in a beverage, and temporarily disables a person.

Misuse And Abuse Of Ketamine

This dissociative hallucinogenic anaesthetic makes the user feel dizzy and body buzzing which results in relaxation. Typically, the feeling lasts for less than 60 minutes. When taken in higher doses, Ketamine produces more intense effects, like user feeling complete detachment from his or her bodies, which is also described as "K-hole" effect.

The user feels deadened because of its high tranquilizer prosperities which cause wounds or even worse injuries.

It is not easily determined by the user to measure what amount is excessive because of its eccentric nature. In case of usage with alcohol or other drugs, a little dosage of Ketamine can result into an overdose. The drug can also cause the user to be completely immobile due to its tranquilizing effects. Death resulting from an overdose of Ketamine is largely attributed to respiratory failure.

Regular Ketamine Drug Mixtures

The negative effects of Ketamine can be amplified when the drug is mixed with others, a very common practice. In its liquid state, Ketamine is easily mixed into alcoholic drinks or added to tobacco or marijuana products. Alcohol is a depressant like Ketamine, so the combination of the two is particularly harmful.

Taking Ketamine along with other depressants might see the heart rate or respiratory function reduced fatally.

In its powder form, Ketamine can be used alongside other powdered drugs including MDMA (ecstasy) and put into a capsule or produced as a tablet. Combining Ketamine with ecstasy can be fatal because the former suppresses nervous activity while the latter stimulates it. LSD and DMT are psychedelics that are also blended with Ketamine.