Heroin Addiction Symptoms and Warning Signs in Worcestershire Worcestershire

The Signs Of Heroin Use

Side effects resulting form heroin addiction may very well top the list of the worst drug effects in a human body. You can prevent someone from dying knowing what the indications of heroin are.

Compared to most drugs, the addictive effects of heroin are quite strong. Most of heroin's users are incapable to live their routine without taking the drug although they don't want to be hooked on to it.

Heroin users tend to hide their addiction making it difficult to detect and address the issue as early as possible. Although you could rely on track or needle marks to prove heroin abuse, it is uncommon for new heroin abusers to use injections.

Signs of heroin abuse include

  • Red eyes
  • Tiny pupils
  • Rapid weight loss
  • Behaving Secretively
  • Start to look different
  • They may no longer get excited by things they used to enjoy
  • Frequently nodding off and extreme drowsiness
  • Issues with money, asking for it

How Heroin Can Harm The User

Many people are cognizant with the fact that heroin is the most fierce drug due to its highly addictive nature. There also exists some short term and long term effects of this drug, besides the indirect risks that could pose a danger to someone's life.

The rates of transmission of infections such as HIV or Hepatitis is quite high among Heroin users.

The viruses which are blood borne are an eminent risk to seasoned heroin users since they prefer injections with the needles being shared. Viruses can also easily spread from a heroin user to another with a promiscuous sex habit. Expecting mothers incur in a big chance of miscarriage.

Addicts are more predisposed to contemplate committing suicide. In some instances, users will intentionally overdose. Abusers of heroin have a compounded risk of suicide because they suffer from underlying mental conditions like depression or bipolar disorder.

In other cases, the eventual depression that results from this drug's withdrawal effects is sufficient to make one think of a suicide attempt. Contact us for help if you or someone you love is struggling with a heroin problem.

Other symptoms of heroin addition are

  • Depressed
  • Having paranoia
  • Incessant itchiness
  • Bowel obstruction
  • Difficulty in Breathing
  • Having a dry mouth
  • Sluggish talking
  • Malformed veins
  • Nausea and Throwing up

The adverse effects of heroin worsen with time More damage to the immune system and the inner tissues is caused by a prolonged consumption of heroin. There is an escalation in the chance of getting communicable and no communicable ailments. Disorders to the heart, lungs, and liver are another consequence of a long-term use of heroin.

There is a high risk of fatal overdose because heroin suppresses breathing and heart rates. An overdose that is non-fatal will easily lead to the patient going into a coma or developing irreversible brain damage.

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How To Identify A Heroin Addict

Experimenting with heroin can quickly lead to addiction due to its physically and psychologically addictive qualities. 11 indications that are revealing to heroin's dependence are listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual. Becoming more tolerant of the drug, continuing to use while being aware of it's effects and using more heroin than you wanted to are some of the signs to look out for. A person that exhibits several symptoms is deemed to be seriously addicted to heroin.

There are numerous options that people take in treating addiction with more people flocking in the thousands to treatment centres.

Trying heroin can easily cause dependence because it has physically and psychologically addictive effects.

Heroin Addiction Intervention

Heroin addicted people are ready to seek treatment for their problem. This unwillingness and lack of conviction may be attributed to the addict's denial in having a problem more so in the initial addiction stage. Those in the advanced stages of heroin addiction, have most likely attempted to quit without much success. Setting up an intervention may be motivation for a person to seek help.

Heroin Withdrawal And Its Treatment

The more the drug is used the more the user becomes physically dependent on it. The key indicators that one is a heroin addict is when a person experiences withdrawal symptoms and needs more heroin to get intoxicated.

Withdrawal symptoms for heroin addiction can cause severe physical pain and sometimes occur as quickly as within two hours of the last use, unlike drug that doesn't cause physical dependence. Heroin removal also has mental side effects.

Depression, muscle pain, and cold sweats are some of the symptoms of heroin withdrawal.

These kind of symptoms are usually experienced for about a week from when one last used the drug, but the residual symptoms could be experienced for months. The help of a professional treatment centre and medication to safely manage heroin withdrawal is often needed. You could get better treatment centres which offer therapy as well as support groups in an environment that is distraction free. You can search near you now, a treatment centre for heroin addiction.