Crack Cocaine Addiction and Abuse in Worcestershire Worcestershire

How Crack Cocaine Is Made

Addiction to crack will never stop coming since the first try. In fact, it will grow so much in you until it becomes your primary need as you crave for the "high" state.

It is a pale rose to white crystal or free base form of Cocaine that can be smoked. Crack cocaine is laboratory manufactured made by mixing baking powder or ammonia into cocaine powder. Some crack users heat the substance with aluminium foil or soda cans, although crack is mostly vaporized in a glass pipe.

When it is being evaporated, it cracks and pops, and that is how the name, crack Cocaine, was derived. Crack is also called base, hardball, hail, sleet and rock to mention a few.

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Crack Cocaine is an illegal drug. Therefore, any use of crack Cocaine is taken as an abuse. Inhalation being its favoured method of ingestion, its delivery to the brain s rapid. However, this high doesn't last long.

There is a high probability of a life-threatening overdose because crack's ability to affect the mind and body is very intense. The risk of overdosing can also be high for people who have never used it before and are just trying it that day.

These are the effects of crack Cocaine

  • happiness
  • Hyperactivity
  • Anxiety
  • Talkativeness. Most of crack users become more talkative as they feel so energetic and euphoric.
  • Over inflated confidence

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The very short-lived high of smoking Cocaine pushes the abuser to take more and more of crack making him/her more exposed to overdosing.

It can be observed that enlargement of pupils and profuse sweating are experienced by the use prior to overdose. Nervousness, aggressive behaviour, seizures and/or hallucinations are some of the symptoms of an overdose. Smoking crack can be so lethal to those who have kidney problems or high blood pressure. The crack Cocaine will cause such complications in the body and it may be deadly.

Crack Cocaine Dependency

Standard Cocaine is less habit-forming and does not affect the mind and body the way crack does. Some users can even become dependent after the initial use, which means that the crack dependency grows fast. The effect of crack Cocaine is very intense. It gives a very pleasing effect to the users. However, it lasts only for a very short time. Therefore, many people need higher dose of crack Cocaine to keep the effect going. As time goes by, the addict needs it just to feel like themselves again, and it is at this stage that the addiction has taken hold.

Eventually, they develop a tolerance to its pleasurable effects and suffer from withdrawal symptoms when they stop using it, which makes them want the crack more and more. Crack Cocaine works in your body by triggering the brain to produce high amount of dopamine which multiplies the sense of happiness by so much. Smoking crack only destroys the brain function to produce dopamine in a normal amount. This is the reason why crack Cocaine addicts can no longer feel 'normal' without the drug.

The cravings grow stronger and stronger due to the undesirable withdrawal symptoms he or she experiences. Dangerous consequences of crack abuse are often ignored by the addicts.

How One Starts Using Crack

Generally one has to be introduced by someone in the disguise of being adventurous or cool. It is observed that Cocaine snorters graduates to smoking or freebasing. Crack is more pocket friendly than cocaine which is why many addicts switch i.e. it's a more economical option. That is why almost anyone who can't afford the rich man's drug is able to buy crack Cocaine. A dependency on crack Cocaine can quickly turn into a costly habit that requires a lot of money per week to sustain, just because the user requires more of the drug to make the effects last longer.

Crack Statistics

Crack is an illegal drug. Thus, there are detailed statistic data and estimations regarding its use and abuse.

Quitting Crack Cocaine

There is still hope of escaping from the clutches of Cocaine addiction and the best thing to do is to seek professional care. The power to get your life in order again is in your hands, take action now.