Codeine Addiction and Abuse in Worcestershire Worcestershire

Understanding About Codeine

Codeine is usually recommended for mild to moderate pain relief. Codeine comes in the form of a tablet and is the main ingredient in prescription grade cough suppressants. Tylenol 3 is a combination of Codeine and acetaminophen, and is another popular pain reliever. Codeine is a pain reliever of the same group as Morphine but is less addictive; however, with abuse, it does become addictive. Codeine is a drug that can mess up your life and even though it is easily available and has been made popular by music and TV industry, it is still a dangerous drug.

Codeine is a sedative also called opiate or a narcotic drug. In the same class of opiates as Codeine are oxycodone, heroin, and Morphine. Codeine also goes by the names Cough syrup, Schoolboy, Coties and T-three's.

Codeine Abuse And Effects

Many times people get exposed to Codeine through a medical prescription before addiction. Buying Codeine is easier that buying some other opiates, that is why it is so simple to abuse it because Codeine has less control. Codeine addiction can be developed when used to help with physical pain and then also emotional pain. Get help now if you or your loved one is struggling with a Codeine problem.

Despite the fact that Codeine is less intoxicating than Morphine, it presents similar effects.

Examples of the effects of Codeine are

  • Elation
  • Apathy
  • no being with it
  • Relaxation

Despite the fact that some people consider Codeine to be nontoxic, drowsiness, constipation, loss of sight and even respiratory failure are among the side effects. Codeine can be lethal in big doses.

Addiction To Codeine

Codeine, taken either as a tablet or syrup continuously can become an addiction. user's of Codeine may be soothed into a false sense of security because many people do no take it to be as strong or addictive as its drug family members.

user's of Codeine can become more tolerant to it every time they use it until the point to create a need of it, a feature of all the opiates. Although many people start using Codeine to relieve a legitimate condition, it is frequently abused as tolerance develops.

Codeine is thought to be a first step drug to other opiates, such as Morphine and sometimes Heroin.

Many people go past using Codeine. They mix it with other substances like alcohol in order to reach a better high. This can be a very dangerous combination since both Codeine and alcohol are central nervous system (CNS) depressants, thus leading to serious levels of depression in the brain and respiratory system. Discover the criteria of detecting Codeine dependence today.

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Codeine Plus Other Drugs

In a few people's opinion, Codeine is only a piece of a larger web of addictions. Oxycodone and Morphine are two drugs that can be the result of starting consuming Codeine.

Treatment for addiction is usually based on the amount of drugs in the body of a patient so it is crucial to tell your therapist everything you have taken openly. There is a method to quit any drug you use.

Purple Drank

Codeine cough syrup is used in the production of "purple drank". With the idea of consuming bigger amounts of Codeine, people combine the prescribed Codeine with soft drinks, like Sprite or others of this type, the result is known as Purple Drank. It can also be known as lean, syrup and sizzurp.

Purple Drank has been popularized and glorified in popular culture through music and TV shows. Artists like Lil' Wayne and Three 6 Mafia in their songs have named it.

After passing out and several convulsions because of the abuse of Codeine, Lil' Wayne had to go under therapy during March 2013. He had his stomach pumped three times to remove the drug, and though he survived, he remained in a critical condition for a time.

Beating Your Codeine Addiction

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