Cannabis Addiction and Abuse in Worcestershire Worcestershire

Understanding Cannabis

In America, about 4 million people are stated to take Cannabis drug. It stands out as the most abused illegal drug.

This drug is obtained from cannabis plant. Cannabis is typically consumed dried and smoke in either a cigarette or a pipe like tobacco. Likewise, Cannabis can be eaten in many different presentations.

Edibles are foods infused with cannabis, mainly presented as baked goods and candies that provide users a similar effects as smoking it.

People looking to experience higher levels of intoxication have also used a certain resin that is acquired by concentrating extracts of the plant. This substance can be a gelatinous liquid, a crude wax-like material or a solid, preserved substance like a solid toffee that is characteristically evaporated and gasped, known as "dabs". "Dab" can also be called wax, budder, and shatter.

In some states, Cannabis is consumed both medically and recreationally. Doctors prescribe Cannabis for providing relief from pain, improving appetite, and reducing stress. People use Cannabis to get high and also due to its calming effect. Pot, dope, ganja, grass, maryjane, reefer and weed are the name of Cannabis.

Cannabis has a extended past of law for and in contradiction of its usage. There are still many people who have very little idea of the real effects of this drug thanks to misinformation.

Effects Of Using Cannabis

Cannabis being a psychoactive substance, it alters the user's mode of perceiving things. THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a chemical compound contained in Cannabis, is responsible for the substance's effects.

Cannabis effects may vary from one user to other depending on the mode of consumption. Ingesting the drug produces intoxication that lasts longer than smoking it although it also takes effect much more slowly.

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Cannabis dabs contain a higher concentration of THC and that's why they produce a high even quicker than smoking cannabis and this high can last for a few hours. Cannabis can induce effects such as

  • Feeling elated
  • Hallucination of mild nature
  • Higher appetite levels
  • Less stress

It is impossible for someone to die as a direct result of Cannabis overdose, but cannabis sends more people to the emergency room than most other drugs. When people were drunk the result is the accidents that increased the number of patients in the hospitals.

Enhancing Thc Levels In Cannabis

Compared to cannabis used in 60s, today's Cannabis has more than 250 percent higher THC content, and high THC concentration in turn means even a small amount of cannabis can cause a severe high. Taking in higher amounts of THC in the current Cannabis is likely to enhance risks related to intoxication as well as the risks related to addiction.

The clinical aspects of Cannabis addiction can negatively impact a person's life.

Cannabis Addiction

Many people become psychologically dependent on Cannabis in the same manner others develop a psychological dependency on other drugs. Cannabis, much like other drugs, increases the levels of dopamine, a neurotransmitter in the brain which influences our happiness.

In order to maintain its normality, the victim's brain is programmed in such a way that it requires more of the cannabis stuff. Though short-lived, Cannabis helps to regularise dopamine in the victim's brain. When a person wants to stop taking Cannabis but find themselves unable to do so, this usually means that they are addicted.

Personal life of anyone can also be affected by the Cannabis drug. Using Cannabis can lead to

  • Legal difficulties
  • Lack of interest in school
  • Poor performance at office
  • Difficulty in learning new things and remembering things

a person can also be said to be addicted if they use the drug despite being well aware of the ill effects. You can find out more about the results of being addicted to Cannabis and the symptoms it causes.

Cannabis Leading To Other Drug Use

Cannabis is considered a gateway substance in that most people who start using it end up opting for other powerful drugs such as Cocaine. The position of Cannabis as a Gateway Drug is mostly associated to teenage drug use, as teenagers are much more likely to experiment with other, stronger drugs. Due to popular culture depictions, Cannabis use has been steadily rising. Smoking Cannabis as a teen causes you be at a higher risk of producing a addiction to Cannabis or to a harder drug in the future.

Facts Related To Cannabis Abuse

Treating Cannabis Addiction

Many long-term users of Cannabis find it very difficult to quit without external help. Getting help for the addiction is what works best when one is addicted to Cannabis. Cannabis addiction can be treated easily by joining a rehab group or by counselling a specialist. To learn more, contact us now! 0800 772 3971